Intel Security

Logicalis Security Services are an ‘Elite Partner’ and a MSP partner of ‘Intel® Security’ which is the highest level available.

Intel® remains committed to cybersecurity and will work with a broad set of partners to enhance products for Intel® architecture, delivering on our vision to integrate industry-leading security and privacy capabilities in our products from the cloud to billions of smart, connected computing devices.

Intel Security
Intel Security

Intel® Security (formally McAfee) the world’s largest security provider, goes far beyond just Anti-Virus protection to include full Endpoint protection, Server & Database protection and Data Centre Network Protection. Up to the minute Security is delivered by Intel®’s world leading Global Threat Intelligence, monitoring over 68 million devices around the world. Intel® Security is the only provider that can deliver a complete security portfolio to meet client’s security needs

Logicalis Channel Islands Security Services Team are an ‘Elite Partner’ and a Managed Services Partner of ‘Intel® Security’ which is the highest level available.

In order to achieve this level of accreditation and deliver these solutions to customers’ Logicalis have one of the largest teams of manufacturer certified engineers. With a wide exposure and breadth of expertise, we are fully qualified to deliver Intel®’s advanced security solutions, both as traditional installs or cloud services, and are contracted by the manufacturer to deliver services on their behalf.

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