Annual Review

Annual Review 2020

(2019 $1.7bn)
Gross Profit (26%)
(2019 $410m)
Annuity Services (24%)
(2019 $387m)
EBIT (4.2%)
(2019 $65.9m)
*2017 re-presented

The world may never be the same again. 
COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live, work and communicate. At Logicalis, we are not looking back on the pandemic. Instead we are looking forward at the impact it will have on businesses and future ways of working. As society re-emerges, forming and adjusting to the 'next normal' will be a top priority. Technology will play an integral role, ultimately acting as a facilitator to a world that is more authentic, more resilient and more human than ever before.

Logicalis 2013 Annual Review

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