Chief Executive Officer's Review

Bob Bailkoski

Logicalis’ CEO has a unique perspective on the way in which technology is playing a role in helping organisations around the world step up to the challenges they are faced with.

The need for enterprises to become more digitally enabled has never been more critical. The coronavirus pandemic has created significant disruption for many businesses across all sectors and as a consequence many have rapidly invested in employee communication and collaboration solutions, mobile devices and services, network capacity and information security tools. Companies are realigning their IT strategies to mirror how IT is consumed and revisiting their business continuity plans to be more resilient in the future.

For CEOs around the world, digital business strategies created before March 2020 now seem out of date. This unprecedented event has forced us to reprioritise our goals and cut costs by changing the way that we work and revisit our short- to medium-term IT needs.

Coming into the role of CEO just as the COVID-19 outbreak was spreading across the globe, I have of course had to reprioritise my own plans for the business. An immediate concern was to ensure the safety of my 6,500 colleagues across the Logicalis Group and we responded quickly to the severity of the threat from the pandemic by enabling all employees to work remotely and stay safe. By providing the right tools and processes, we have been able to continue to operate in a safe and secure manner and, at the same time, align our discretionary cost base to protect profitability and cash.

The work of Logicalis teams in supporting our customers worldwide during this time has been absolutely critical. I’m particularly proud of the way that we’ve been able to support hospitals, schools, and local government by delivering and implementing much needed technology equipment. We worked together in true partnership with our customers, supporting them with rapid deployment responses to their IT requirements, offering flexible finance terms and advising on new consumption models.

As Architects of ChangeTM, an innovative mindset is fundamental and we’ve brought to market innovative new services around cloud, software and security technologies that support our customers’ digital transformation plans.

Our vendor partners have also been incredibly supportive during this period and demonstrated the strength of our mutual long-term commitment.

Bob Bailkoski,
Logicalis Group CEO