Our Capabilities

Every organization today has an IT System of varying size and complexity.  A modern day business IT system, even one that supports a small organisation is a complex array of technologies and components from numerous vendors that has to be brought together into a cohesive robust and responsive set-up. It has to be configured to enable access from disparate devices, from within the office, wirelessly and remotely, to connect to the internet, business partners and suppliers, backed up and continuously protected from all sorts of threats whilst being cost effective to run and manage. And it’s not a one off operation at the time of installation – these systems need constant house-keeping, administration, patching, monitoring, rebooting, upgrading and management – the IT lifecycle

Organisations are constantly at moving through their IT lifecycle – and that’s where we come in - we are there to help you at any stage - and you get to decide where we start, the level of support you need and how far we go with you. That flexibility provides support that meets your organization’s specific requirements. The same is true with our capabilities. You tell us what you want to accomplish; and that’s what we can do.

Our capabilities are determined, not by what we have to sell—we can get whatever you want, but by what you want to accomplish. We designed our approach to let our customers determine which of our capabilities suits their needs. The Logicalis approach has four components:

  1. Consult—We help you determine what you need and where you want to go.
  2. Build—We implement your solution for you or with you, on your premises or off.
  3. Manage—We provide world class managed services so you can focus on what your business needs instead of what your IT infrastructure needs.
  4. Operate—We can operate systems for you in your data center or colo site, your cloud or our ours, or any combination.