Covid-19: Logicalis Business Continuity Plan

We know our Customers’ business operations rely on Logicalis Channel Islands’ ability to provide ongoing, consistent services.

Our Business Continuity Plan
Logicalis have a robust, Business Continuity Plan in place to maintain our operational integrity during this crisis and deliver your services. This is managed in compliance with our ISO27001 certification.
We would like to reassure you that all our services can and will be delivered as normal to our Customers over the coming weeks and months. 

Our Business Readiness
Our Business Continuity Plan has been prepared to assist the organisation to manage a serious disruptive crisis (including a Pandemic) in a controlled and structured manner. It contains information on emergency contact details, strategies to mitigate impact, procedures to be implemented and communication processes to be followed in response to a serious disruptive event. These are designed to ensure we can continue to provide services and solutions to our Customers, and to work effectively with our suppliers and business partners.

We deliver regular training to our staff in relation to information security and business continuity best practices and we have a range of remote connectivity and collaboration tools in place for our staff to work remotely with our Customers and suppliers, including multiple remote communication, collaboration and remote support solutions and VPN technology utilising multiple vendors – these are in use now, and we are already supporting Customers remotely with these. 

Our Business Continuity & Recovery Plan is tested throughout the year as a requirement of our ISO27001 certification, to ensure that our business operations and service commitments to Customers continue as normal – we have verified we can operate all our systems and processes remotely with no interruption to normal
service levels.

Our measures in response to COVID-19

  • Our Senior Management Team are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and deciding on any actions that need to be taken in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • We are monitoring and following employer guidance on Coronavirus response published by the Governments of Guernsey and Jersey.
  • We have restricted all travel as per the latest guidance.
  • We have transitioned to virtual meetings (via video and audio conferencing) as a replacement for routine business meetings.
  • We have restricted attendance to events, and closed our offices to visitors (apart from essential deliveries and maintenance).
  • We have invoked our Business Continuity Plans, using home working and our DR sites to enable segregation of key operational teams to reduce risks associated with cross contamination.
  • We have sourced sanitisation equipment for our offices and have provided instructions to all our  employees, who are implementing good hygiene practices on and off-site.
  • We are doing all we can to keep our employees informed about Coronavirus developments and are providing regular updates to staff.

Our ongoing commitment to our Customers and business partners.

We will continue to monitor developments and factor these into our ongoing
commitment to provide high quality, uninterrupted services to our Customers and
business partners.

We are committed to supporting our Customers and their operations through these challenging times

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or the Logicalis Channel Islands senior leadership team.