Logicalis Jersey partners with Thycotic to secure global business

Leading IT solutions and managed services company Logicalis has partnered with Thycotic, a provider of ‘privileged account management’ (PAM) solutions for more than 7,500 organisations worldwide, and to bring identity and access management solutions to businesses globally. 

Through this partnership, Logicalis will offer Thycotic’s Secret Server and Privilege Manager solutions from its St Helier-based Centre of Excellence and Security Operations Centre (SOC), to help customers keep their privileged accounts safe from cyber-attacks and to achieve compliance. 

Establishing privileged account access controls is a growing priority: in a recent report more than 60 per cent of organisations stated that they are required to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements around privilege credential access. 

“Thycotic definitely has something the market both wants and needs,” says Ricky Magalhaes, Managed Security Services Director, Logicalis. “We knew we needed a PAM solution following an increase in demand from customers wanting to protect privileged user credentials. Once we evaluated the available solutions, Thycotic clearly provided the best technology for our customers’ needs. In terms of innovation and performance, the products stood out on technical merit alone.” 

Simon Azzopardi, Vice President, International (EMEA & APAC) at Thycotic said: “Working with Logicalis has opened up a wealth of opportunities for Thycotic and this strategic partnership means we are well-placed to offer privileged access and identity management to those organisations looking to comply with regulations such as the GDPR.” 

Looking to the future, Logicalis Jersey will become a central hub for Thycotic’s Managed Services Partner programme, giving both companies the opportunity to further expand their services globally. 

Mr Magalhaes added, “PAM is a hot topic, with worldwide demand particularly high right now and, working with Thycotic, we’ve found the right partner to fulfil those needs. It’s definitely an exciting time ahead.” 

Watch this video for further information about the Thycotic / Logicalis partnership.