Documents and information are at the heart of so much of what we all do and Invu Document Management solutions are available to solve a range of everyday challenges. 

Need more office space? Desperate to find information quickly and accurately? How about making big improvements to your customer and supplier service? Or do you have a major compliance obligation or a risk issue around your information? 


 For any organisation where information is important, the Invu Professional Series brings instant benefits, namely:

It is an easy-to-use, information and document management system for a multi-user and networked environment. Designed to bring sophisticated document management and workflow facilities to the small and medium sized enterprise. It provides a uniform environment for the creation, filing and retrieval of all forms of information and documents.

Invu recognises that business enterprises vary widely in their organisational structure and that information systems must be capable of being shaped to suit the organisation and not vice versa. Configuring the system simply requires the setting up of a number of ’categories of interest’ in which the major functions of document creation, filing and retrieval are performed. A company that is organised departmentally could have categories such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration, and so on. Similarly, a consultancy organised by client could have categories such as Client A, Client b, Client C, etc., or alternatively Project X, Project Y, Project Z. Categories for both functional groups and cross-functional projects can also co-exist simultaneously on the same system.

The design also takes into account the fact that any given set of users can have greatly differing job functions and levels of skill and experience as well as user and group security profiles.

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