Why use a Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Small Business Specialists are Microsoft partners who focus on helping small and medium sized company's manage their business challenges with the best use of IT.

To become a Small Business Specialist, Microsoft partners need to have proven their competency in marketing, selling, planning and delivering solutions for small businesses. They need to achieve a level of understanding and qualification that demonstrates that they can fulfil the needs of their customers and prospective clients. The majority of Small Business Specialist partners are small businesses themselves and it is their experience and expertise that can provide the tools you need to run your business efficiently.

Moreover, many customers consider Microsoft Small Business Specialist partners as their IT department  and you’ll find that working with one of them means you’ll be investing your IT budget wisely.

So, if you are a a small or medium-sized business, we recommend that you speak to a Small Business Specialist partner – look out for the Microsoft Small Business logo.

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