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Backup as a Service

The volume and growth of data is unprecedented requiring organizations to store enormous amounts of data.  Even a company with a relatively small number of users can generate many terabytes of content each year in the form of word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, emails, images, scanned documents and many other content types.

This content must be backed up for a variety of reasons, including disaster recovery, business continuity, legal and regulatory compliance, theft, and just good data protection practice.

However, there are several factors that complicate the problem of backing up data, including an increasingly mobile workforce, more devices on which users can generate and store content, and more stringent corporate governance requirements that require organizations to preserve content for long periods of time. Add to this the variety of problems that could potentially make data temporarily inaccessible or destroy it permanently, including natural disasters, power outages, lost devices, hardware failures and user errors.

The bottom line is that this is putting data at risk – and creating enormous pressure on IT budgets and resources.

The business benefits:

Reduced cost and risk

Ability to scale  

Greater operational efficiency


Managed Backup

Logicalis' Managed Backup solution protects your enterprises data from equipment failure and other catastrophe.

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