SafeBusiness - Your IT Solved

Your whole IT Business Environment provided to you - Safe, Secure, Reliable and Fully Managed.

SafeBusiness is a fully managed hosted business environment covering your core IT needs; Logicalis provide the hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades and infrastructure support. You can quickly, easily and securely access your data and applications by leased line or the internet from the office, home or when travelling. The only equipment you will require on your site will be internet browsing terminals, such as PCs and Macs, along with printers and other peripherals.

SafeBusiness is part of our SafeHost family of services. Logicalis can deliver your IT requirements for a fixed monthly fee per user; you will no longer need to own the bulk of your computer systems, with all the continual maintenance and depreciation that involves. It is unlikely you will need to employ IT staff, build an expensive computer room, or purchase additional systems for business recovery purposes. This will free up valuable office space, reduce your carbon footprint and give you time to run your core business without having to manage your IT systems as well.

SafeBusiness combined with our SafeCare service provides your business with a comprehensive solution to your IT requirements. 

With SafeCare we cover the important part : your users

SafeCare covers users, bespoke apps, peripheral devices and all the sundry IT related issues e.g. for restoration of data deleted by the client, support of non-standard applications, management of non-default security on folders, email and applications. Most importantly it provides support for your users and your own equipment in your office, such as PCs or terminals, printers and other peripherals.

Call Mark le Page or Rene Brun on 01481 737000 or Jonathan Ward on 01534 288000 for a free no obligation and confidential discussion on how SafeBusiness could save you time and money, allowing you to run your business, efficiently and profitably.

SafeBusiness and SafeCare - Your IT Solved - An innovative Service from Logicalis - because your IT is more than a Desktop.