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Our Services

We provide a wide range of document management solutions to help your business store, scan and retrieve documents. Our system developers and consultants will assist you with managing the entire life-cycle of your documents.

Data Capture

From scanning paper documents, to mobile capture via smartphones, Logicalis helps your business streamline and accelerate the process of data capture.

Records Management

If your business needs to deal with historical records Logicalis can help provide solutions for both paper and digital archives.

Information Management

Make sense of your organisations content by letting Logicalis create a system to manage your business information. Our systems will help you increase information sharing, collaboration, employee knowledge and adoption through web based services.

Document Management

Our range of document management services and solutions make it easy for you to scan, store, retrieve and manage your documents through client PC’s, web applications and mobile devices.

Digital Dictation

Logicalis provide digital dictation software and devices to help streamline the time, resources and processes involved in dictation and typist management.

Bespoke Development

If you need to extend the functionality of an application for your teams, or create an application from scratch, Logicalis has a small but experienced team of software developers that can create applications to suit your specific business needs.