Business Continuity

Business Continuity (BC) is about taking responsibility for your business and enabling it to stay on course whatever storms it is forced to weather.

BC is about building and improving resilience in your business; it’s about identifying your key products and services and the most urgent activities that underpin them and then, once that ‘analysis’ is complete, it is about devising plans and strategies that will enable you to continue your business operations and enable you to recover quickly and effectively from any type of disruption whatever its size or cause. It gives you a solid framework to lean on in times of crisis and provides stability and security. In fact, embedding BC into your business is proven to bring business benefits.

Central to any BC plan is ensuring your data is protected and your IT services and applications can be resumed. At Logicalis we are highly experienced in providing IT solutions that support the IT components of your BC plan.

We provide hosting suites for your recovery systems. These are enterprise class facilities with power protection, power backup, environmental control and high levels of security and access control. These are directly connected to our dedicated Business Continuity facilities that provide purpose built workspace recovery suites. Our suites are designed and built to get you back to work at the earliest opportunity. Our suites can be set up with your own equipment or we can provide desktops, phones and printers – all under a single service contract. Should an event disrupt your business you can readily invoke and as access is available when you need it you are able to fully test your plans.

Call us in Jersey on 288000 or Guernsey on 737000 and find out how our extensive experience and knowledge can help you with the implementation of your plan.

If you require assistance in developing, tuning or testing your business continuity plan then we and our business continuity partners at MSD International will be able to assist.