Flexible Resourcing

For any company, big or small, the real challenge lies in finding and retaining skilled, experienced and well-trained professionals. Recruiting staff for your core business, which you fully understand is a tough enough challenge but recruiting, training and maintaining a team of IT professionals with a range of skills who can keep your systems up to date and operational requires a different set of skills, not usually retained by most Channel Islands businesses. Moreover you mostly do not require these IT skilled resources full-time.

Our team of IT professionals are available to support your IT staffing requirements.  There can be many reasons why you might fall short of people or need additional workforce, some of them being: Sickness, Vacation/Holidays, Need for Specialised Skills, Short Term or Long Term Projects, Maintaining Continuity and Change Management. Our highly experienced and certified team can consult, build, manage and operate your systems across the IT lifecycle and across technologies – from mobile through desktop-printers-servers-storage-networks-security and content. We have respected experienced teams end to end.

Logicalis will provide resources: At the Right Time in the Right Place with The Right Skills at the Right Price. Whatever your needs we can provide your business with flexible resourcing contracts and comprehensive support and service options, tailored to suit your business.

Systems are increasingly located at remote data centres often the data-centre provider will not provide services to look after your systems or your desktops, laptops and other peripherals; our flexible support contracts can provide management of your systems regardless of location and provide on your premise personnel to support your users and peripherals.