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How we can help

A modern day business IT system, even one that supports a small organisation is a complex array of technologies and components from numerous vendors that has to be brought together into a cohesive robust and responsive set-up. It has to be configured to enable access from disparate devices, from within the office, wirelessly and remotely, to connect to the internet, business partners and suppliers, backed up and continuously protected from all sorts of threats whilst being cost effective to run and manage. And it’s not a one off operation at the time of installation - systems need constant house-keeping, administration, patching, monitoring, rebooting, upgrading and management.  Many businesses have accepted that the running of their IT systems by themselves or relying on a small in-house team is too much without the support of a highly skilled IT partner.

Our Lifecycle services are available to support your business at the varying stages of a systems lifecycle allowing you to choose whether you wish to manage the technology with your own team, using us as emergency cover and escalation, work with us to service it at varying stages, or leave it all to us freeing up time and energy to focus on your business.

To understand how our numerous lifecycle services can support your business contact our Client Account Managers on 01534 288000 or 01481 737000 today.